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4th Generation Family-Farm

My wife Melissa and I purchased the family farm in the Fall of 2018.  The farm has been in my family for over 125 years.  When we purchased the farm it had been more than 35 years since any farm operations had taken place.  We have set out on a mission to transform the property into a thriving farm.  We have been working hard with the help from friends and family to fix up old buildings, put in livestock fencing, plant crops and add livestock to the farm.  We are working towards an Agroforestry operation where we incorporate the forest, plants, and livestock to work together to create larger yields and be a completely organic farm.  


Babydoll Sheep Breading

Nya Goat.jpg

Boer Goats

We are a Registered ABGA Boer Goat Breeder.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees

We offer a variety of U Cut & Wholesale Christmas Trees.

Cut Wood


Seasoned Firewood

for Sale


Babydoll Sheep

We are a Registered BSSBA  Babydoll Southdown Sheep Breeder.



We sell a variety of Christmas Wreaths

Wooden Planks


We offer rough cut lumber and boards.

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